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Proven Methodology

We put 14 years of experience as a
multi-award winning content
agency into the product. 🧠

Contero was developed by Upswing, a multi award-winning, content marketing agency from Romania. For more than 10 years we’ve been generating massive organic traffic growth for our customers with high quality evergreen content.

Our iterative approach regarding SEO and Content helped us find the perfect formula for making content rank in Google.

We leverage technology

Our team of developers built an
innovative A.I. SEO text editor that
provides step by step guidelines 🤖

We have developed an all in one content management and production platform that helps us create content based on big data, provide fast turnaround times, increase efficiency, cut costs, and prevent human errors.

Multiple data providers, SERP crawling, On-page crawling for top ranking articles and fine tuned algorithms help our editor provide top notch SEO guidelines that are more accurate than human briefs due to the big data that it takes into account.

What sets us apart

Why we think
we can help you. 🤲

Cutting edge technology

Fast Scalability

Award winning methodology

Seamless feedback process

Highly skilled content writers

Cost Efficient

Proven results

Various content types

Internal strategy capabilities

Whitelabel Services

Subject matter expertise

Fast turnaround times

Are you a content writer?

Earn  money, doing what you
do best, when you feel like it

Take advantage of your content skills and free time to increase your income while keeping your independent lifestyle. Work when you want, the way you want for fair prices.


100% independent

The best fares in the industry

Write for the biggest brands