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How it works

Technology, an in-house strategy team and an elite network of content writers.
This is our formula for success.

How it works  📎

Step 1: Tell us about your goal, provide project
details and other things we should know.

Step #2: We hand-pick from our network of highly vetted
professionals a content writer with niche expertise.

Step #3: Our proprietary software provides extensive content
research and SEO guidelines

Step #4: The copywriter uses the SEO editor and provided
guidelines to create high quality content.

Step #5: Double-layered quality check and unlimited revisions
from your behalf until the content is publish ready.

What do you get? 

Thoroughly induction. We align the content with your brand guidelines, core client profile and strategic needs.

Agency quality SEO content. Rely on our in-house SEO & content experts to execute your strategy and plan your content calendar.

Fast turnaround and consistency. We always deliver on time and every piece of content is top notch quality.

Scalability. Scale your projects up and down quickly, seamlessly and at any time with our custom services.

Industry Expertise. Our content writers are vetted magazine journalists, doctors, car fanatics, agricultural engineers & so on.

Competitive advantage. Our software provides big data insights & guidelines that makes your content outrank anything else.

Direct line of communication. You can talk directly to the writer in the app, provide feedback and have unlimited revisions.

Who is it for? 🏷️

Contero is for everyone that wants high quality content at a fair price without too much hassle. However, when we designed Contero, we had several business in mind that we thought we could really help out with our solution.


✓  On demand fast & quality content

✓  Award winning methodology

✓  Scale & cutback requests at any time

✓  Innovative A.I. SEO content software


✓  Content & SEO skilled writers

✓  Forget about low productivity

✓  Pay only for the outcome

✓  Innovative A.I. SEO content software


✓  Cost-efficient content stream process

✓  Award winning content methodology

✓  Scale & cutback requests whenever

✓  Innovative A.I. SEO content software

Detailed Overview

Ohh, so you are really really interested. Let’s go through a thorough walkthrough of why we think Contero is the perfect solution for content marketing in the current landscape.

In-house strategists 🧭

We have an award winning in-house strategy team that is ready to plan out a beautiful editorial calendar for you that is going to boost your organic traffic and revenue.

Our content strategy methodology is highly efficient and received global recognition in the past years. We managed to win 3 significant awards last year.

The innovative software 💡

We have developed an all in one content management and production platform that helps us create content based on big data, provide fast turnaround times, increase efficiency, cut costs, and prevent human errors.

From the moment we research if a topic has potential and assign it to a content writer, the content never leaves our ecosystem until it’s approved and published by the client. This helps us provide feedback all along the way and optimise every aspect of our content production process at every phase.

We always pick the best topics in terms of traffic potential due to our integrated research module. Every user, from content writers to editors or strategists, can quickly identify the potential of a topic and the seasonality, so that they always pick the best time to generate content for that topic.

We designed from scratch a text editor based on our experience as a full SEO agency. We kept the complexity to a minimum in the front-end to make it easier for any content writer to use it but there is a big party in the back(-end).

Multiple data providers, SERP crawling, On-page crawling for top ranking articles and fine tuned algorithms help our editor provide top notch SEO guidelines that are more accurate than human briefs due to the big data that it takes into account.

We split aggregated keywords, remove branded keywords, check competitors headings structure, the keywords they are ranking for and much more.

We analyse every potential raking factor and compare it to competitors’ metrics to identify what makes them rank. We perform on-page crawling on their articles to identify word count (long form content?), number of images (image rich articles?), keywords used, keywords bringing traffic, META elements or headings structure.

The content writer can see this information at a glance in the competition tab making it easier for him to create an article that is better than all top 10 ranking articles.

We perform a real time cross-check of what the writers are typing to make sure they respect every aspect of the AI guidelines from the sidebar.

When the article is perfectly optimised the vertical progress bar turns green and the radar chart gets filled.

The network of experts 🤩

Our content writers are vetted magazine journalists, doctors, car fanatics, agricultural engineers & more.

We hand pick only content writers with credentials, expertise and prior experience in various niches. Afterwards they go through a thorough induction process and continuous coaching process. We also work with them to improve their online presence so that they will score high on EAT checks.

Our system is based on gamification and rewards writers for quality, fast turnaround times and consistency. The platform also helps them stay on track with deadlines and time management.

Subject matter expertise

Our writers can write
about almost anything.

Whether you are interested in legal, medical, home & deco, or all of the bellow, we will hand-pick the right person to power your brand through high quality content.


Interior Design






Bricolage & Home Repair




Health & Beauty


Real Estate

Human Resources