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Generate high-quality SEO content effortlessly with our AI-powered tool

Contero helps you harness the power of AI to quickly produce compelling high quality content. Contero also solves the limitations of AI by providing real-time access to SEO data. Don’t make your writers guess what to cover in an article.

Our comprehensive, repeatable, and SEO data-backed process for building risk-free high-quality content that drives organic traffic and increases sales.


Trusted by Romania’s leading brands.


Dedicated all-in-one
content toolikit

SEO Agencies

Skyrocket your clients’ traffic.

Online Publishers

More revenue from your content.


SEO expertize at your fingertips.



Create & audit articles with real-time SEO data.

Get real-time guidance and checks with our dynamic Content Score. Optimize articles on the fly, starting from the first sentence, for guaranteed and predictable SEO success.

The text editor is based on our prior SEO expertise as a full SEO agency. We kept the interface complexity to a minimum to make it easy to use for content writers but behind the scene there is a lot of crawling, data processing and complex algorithms. You can take advantage of the largest SEO keyword database for Romania as we are using a direct API with‘s keyword database.

Our editor provides top notch SEO guidelines that help every content writer create content that ranks.

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Research topic in seconds with our AI assistant.

Our AI assistant can suggest SEO-optimized titles in seconds by using the keyword with the highest traffic estimate from the topic as a seed keyword.

For an even deeper level of assistance, the AI can generate frequently asked questions related to the SEO keywords of the topic or an outline. This is particularly helpful when outsourcing content writing and wanting to ensure that the copywriter doesn’t stray too far from the core SEO topic concepts. Generate multiple unique outlines to get fresh takes on the topic and its ideas.

The output data from the AI is generated based on SEO data, both on-page and off-page, that we feed the AI to use along with the dataset it has been trained on.

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Scale processes & keep an eye on what’s important.

Get a high-level overview of your content creation process with our advanced dashboard. Take action when needed and easily scale workflows for your evolving business.

Assign content, manage deadlines, keep an eye on writers’ progress and article ratings or statuses.

With all the tools in one place, you can create content at scale with short turnover times.

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Easily track performance.

Tracking content performance at scale is challenging. However, it’s even more difficult to determine whether a piece of content is maximising its organic traffic potential.

Contero offers a solution by benchmarking an article’s traffic against its total organic traffic opportunity, providing real-time assessments of your content marketing health.

With Contero, you can easily compare real-time traffic performance to previous timeframes, or most importantly, against the maximum traffic potential.

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Unique features to do your job

Our tool helps you
every single step 

Dozens of features that will help you cut costs and scale content production faster.

Validate topics potential

Bulk assignment

Article rating system

Writer rating system

AI guidelines

Real time comments

Complex SEO algorithms

Competitor analysis

Client brief system

Proofreading system

Email notifications

Google Search Console data

Article health performance

Client health performance

Timeframes comparison

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No. Contero is a SaaS solution that helps you and your team create high performing content.

You can invite unlimited content writers and proofreaders to join your account. We don’t charge per seat so you will only pay the credits that they use.

We have designed a fair pricing where you pay as much as you use Contero. At the end of the month you pay for the articles created using Contero the previous month. It will be 5 EURO for every article that you want to rank on Google. Discounts up to 20% are applied to high volumes.

Yes you can set limits per project, user or whole account so that you don’t have any surprises at the end of the month regarding used resources.

Contero was designed with SEO agencies and media publishers in mind but any blogger can use Contero on it’s personal project for example.


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